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£1,891.35 oz
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Gold -0.72%
£1,891.35 oz
Silver -1.33%
£22.52 oz
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2oz Silver Rounds & Coins

Silver 2oz Coins

S ilver is a popular investment asset in all sizes, but the Silver 2oz coins are some of the most popular precious metal coins in the market. They are at the perfect price point for the masses and offer some fantastic designs to keep seasoned investors interested in collecting for many years. The Silver 2oz coins are widely available and have been used in all kinds of designs from leading mints. The most famous British 2oz Silver coins are the Queen's Beasts but there are some other series that are just as desirable

Silver investors traditionally would naturally stack Silver bullion bars as these are fantastic low premium assets to purchase to increase their Silver exposure. Collecting 2oz coins, however, adds a different dimension to wealth building as some of the best coin designs to collect. Some of the less known mints such as the SilverTowne and Scottsdale Mints which make some of the finest designs for Silver stackers to purchase. Moreover, supporting the smaller mints allows them to continue to strike beautiful designs for years to come

2oz Silver coins are produced by the World's leading mints from the Royal Mint, Perth Mint through to the Royal Canadian Mint

Silver 2oz coins are typically lower premium coins but high-end collectors coins can be found in the market, the best example being the Gothic Crown series. Other popular types are the Silver Lunar series which celebrates the annual sequence of animals that appear in the Chinese zodiac. Silver 2oz coins are extremely easy to sell because there is a very large pool of willing buyers in the market. Auronum pays a premium for any 2oz coins that investors sell to our Trade Desk

2oz silver kraken coin

Sea Monster Coins

Silver 2oz Egyptian gods

2oz Silver Egyptian Gods

2oz Silver Scottsdale rounds

2oz Silver Scottsdale

2oz Silver Queen's Beast Griffin coin

2oz Silver Queen's Beasts

Silver Canadian Goose 2oz coin

2oz Silver Canadian Goose

Silver gothic crown 2oz coin

2oz Silver Gothic Crown

Silver 2oz lunar series coin

2oz Silver Lunar Series

Silver 2oz Kookaburra coins

2oz Silver Kookaburra

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