2oz Silver

Silver Canadian Goose Coins


A design which originates from the final Silver circulating Canadian Dollar. The Silver Canadian Goose coin design was first seen on the 1967 Canadian dollar which featured a wildlife theme which saw the wolf, fish, rabbit and goose on the reverses. This modern bullion 2oz Canadian Goose coin carries the same design that first appeared in 1967. The Silver Canadian Goose contains 2 troy ounces of Silver of 999.9 purity

Much like the Silver Britannia, the Canadian Goose coin features a micro-engraved maple leaf with the number '20' showing. These bullion coins recreate the image of the Canadian Goose from the Centenial Dollar. The detail of the bird's wings look fantastic in hand and will appeal to investors who like as many different designs as possible in their Silver stack whilst also having the advantage of the coin being available for a moderate premium

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Struck by the Royal Canadian Mint, the 2oz Silver Goose coins were sold in tubes of 14 coins, making these 28 ounces of Silver per tube. The 2oz format of these coins is growing in popularity due to their desirable mass of each piece but also due to the lower premium per coin

The Silver Canadian Goose 2oz coin is a one-year type and was struck in 2020. It is a fantastic design. Investors will note the refined and smooth finish to these coins. The edges of the coins are milled to a high standard. The most appealing aspect of the coin, however, is the beautiful contract between the high-relief highly polished goose and the frosted Silver fields

The reverse of the coin features the late Queen Elizabeth II much like the Silver maple coins at the time of her reign. The face value of the coin is $10 CAD. The Royal Canadian Mint confirms that there was an unlimited mintage for this type, making the overall mintage unknown as coins were struck to meet demand whilst the Silver Canadian Goose was in production