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2oz Silver Rounds

Scottsdale Silver Stacker Rounds


S cottsdale Mint is known for its Silver 2oz stackers. Arguably the most iconic and unique rounds on the market. The round is not regarded as a coin due to its extreme high relief design of the Scottsdale Lion. The reverse of the coin has an indented lion, making two or more coins a prefect fit when placed on top of each other

For this reason, the rounds are perfect for creating a stack especially where there is limited space to store the stacker rounds. The Silver Scottsdale stacker rounds weigh 2oz of fine Silver. Their design is complicated which makes it very unlikely that they will be counterfeited. The Silver Scottsdale stacker is available for a relatively moderate premium given that all rounds are manufactured in the US and imported into Great Britain


Scottsdale Mint class this design as having ultra high relief which adds eye appeal to any stack of Silver and will even attract attention in a Gold coin portfolio, making these stacker rounds in high demand the world over

Scottsdale Silver stackers are available in 2oz, 5oz and 10g denominations. All three sizes of rounds are designed to perfectly interlock with one another as only the thickness of the rounds differ

Scottsdale Silver stackers command a slightly higher premium than other coins and rounds of similar sizes from other mints. This is is because the products are generally regarded as superior over lower-premium rounds and coins. The Scottsdale Mint brand is reputable in the sector with some buyers that just target Scottsdale Silver branded bullion for their stacks. Whilst investors will pay a slight premium to secure their stackers, they are assured of a premium when the time comes to sell which reduces the risk of this investment

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