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2 Ounce Silver

Silver Lunar Series Coins


T he Silver Lunar series coins are a larger genre of coins than most collectors realise. The series saw its first coins struck in 1981 by the Chinese Mint. The Perth Mint began its own series in 1996 whilst the British Royal Mint began minting its own version in 2014. The 2oz Silver Lunar coins are extremely popular due to their size and price point in the market. Much larger coins are available but collecting an entire 12-year series can become burdensome on investors especially as the higher value coins can go up to 10 kilos

Silver 2oz lunar coins commemorate the ancient tradition of the Chinese lunar calendar as each animal is assigned their own year over the 12 months in the lunar cycle. The 2oz Lunar coins are considered as a 'happy-medium' given that the price point is low enough to collect the entire series but the size of the coin means that the premium is not as high as is often seen in smaller coins. However, the Silver lunar series coins are considered as semi-numismatic given that their value is strongly linked to the coin's bullion value but also justify a premium

The most famous Silver 2oz Lunar coins are issued by the Perth Mint, however the Royal Mint has moved to strike their own series which offers British collectors another option for securing these beautiful pieces

The latest series struck by the Perth Mint as of the highest strike quality. The fields have the iconic frosted finish with the high relief animal designs contrasting with a highly polished design. The Royal Mint's lunar series is mostly seen with a proof finish which commands a relatively high premium when buying directly from the Mint

The latest coins within this fantastic series are minted with 99.99% fine Silver with some struck to a limited mintage. The capped mintages allow the coins to trade at a premium over their intrinsic bullion value. This makes the Silver 2oz Lunar coins semi-numismatic pieces. The prices on screen show a live view of what a 2oz lunar coin is worth today, simply call our Trade Desk if you are looking to sell

Some of the Silver lunar coins were struck with a privy mark on them, adding additional variety for investors. The third series showcases a Chinese Dragon which first featured on the 2012 Silver Kookaburra coins. The Perth Mint used the Bavarian lion privy mark in its second series of lunar coins

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