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Egypt Silver Coins

Silver Egyptian Gods Coins


T he Egyptian Gods Silver coins is a popular series of low mintages that was struck by Sunshine Minting in the US. The series featured highly detailed designs with high relief which intensifies the intricate detail of each of the beautiful designs. Each design was offered in antique and brilliant uncirculated finishes

The relationship between the reverse and obverse of each coin may look arbitrary but there is a strong link between the animal and the God. The Cleopatra coin features the goddess Isis whilst Anubia, the god of death, was represented as a man with the head of a Jackal given that Jackals were associated with death. Each coin from the series was minted with .999 Silver with a total weight of 2oz

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The Egyptian Gods Silver coins is an eight-coin series featuring a range of Egyptian relics and gods with a beautiful high relief and antique or brilliant uncirculated finish

Silver Egyptian Gods Cleopatra

A stunning 2oz Silver coin featuring the majestic Cleopatra with the the Goddess Isis on the reverse who Cleopatra is said to be a reincarnation of. The coin features some significant icons such as the Eye of Horus. A scarab beetle takes centre of the obverse which symbolises great power as the scarab beetle was said to push the sun into the sky at night


Silver Egyptian Gods Sekhmet

A significant addition to the series featuring Sekhmet, daughter of the sun god. This goddess was thought to be the protector of the pharaohs in the afterlife. Sekhmets is illustrated to take the form of a woman's body with the head of a lioness. A cat is featured which was known as guardians of the Underworld


Silver Egyptian Gods Anubis

Anubis, a half man/half jackal Egyptian god that performs important roles in the afterlife. The scene displayed on the coin shows one of these roles in which Anubis is using the scales of justice. In ancient Egypt the heart of the dead is weighed against a feather to determine if the individual can enter the realm of the dead


Silver Egyptian Gods Khnum

The next instalment of the Egyptian God series is Khnum, the ram-headed creator of mankind. The scene on the coin depicts the god carving a human out of clay found by the River Nile on a pottery wheel. The ram situated in front of the pyramid was an early representation of the Khnum


Silver Egyptian Gods Osiris

Osiris was an early God in ancient Egypt and one that was murdered by his younger brother before being reincarnated by one of his sister and wife Isis. Isis collected Osiris's body and wrapped him in cloth to make his body whole again before bringing back to life through magic. The Atef crown on Osiris's head was a symbol of the bearer being the ruler of the Underworld

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