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Large Silver Coins

Silver 10oz Coins

M any investors look to trade in larger weighted Silver bars and coins. The obvious choice for this type of investor is large Silver bars but recently there has been a shift towards Mints offering large Silver coins for purchase. The Silver 10oz coins offer an investor the same exposure weight as a large 10oz bar, but offers a more exciting and attractive design

Silver 10oz coins also highlight the intricate detail of a coin's design that might be difficult to detect on the smaller versions. As the producing mints have much larger surface areas to work with on the 10oz Silver coins, their quality control has to be much stricter and the intricates of each detail need to be much clearer so the coin can be fully appreciated

10 ounce Silver coins

10oz Queen's Beasts

The famous Queen's Beast series featured a Silver 10oz coin from the first year of issue in 2017, all ten beast coins were struck in 10oz weight including the final completer coin


10 ounce Silver coins

10oz Koala Coins

Produced by the Perth Mint, the koala series was released in 2007 with the first Silver 10oz Koala coin seen a year later in 2008. 2015 was the final year of the 10oz Silver koala, the Perth Mint continued to mint other weights ranging from 1oz to 1kg


10 ounce Silver coins

10oz Kookaburra

An iconic Australian bullion coin, the 10oz Silver kookaburra has been minted annually since 1992 through to present day. The design of the Kookaburra changes annually as seen on the smaller Silver 2oz Kookaburra coins


10 ounce Silver coins

10oz Tudor Beasts

The Tudor Beast coin series is a different depiction of the same beasts that feature on the Queen's beast coins. The series began in 2022 and features Silver versions in 2oz and 10oz weights


10 ounce Silver coins

10oz Myths & Legends

The series launched in 2021 features characters from British folklore. The Royal Mint has struck 2oz and 10oz versions of the coins which are made to match demand. At least one different design will be issued annually whilst the series is in production

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