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Silver Britannia Coins

T he silver Britannia coin has been minted and issued by the Royal Mint since 1997 but appeared on Roman coins over 2,000 years ago. The Silver Britannia, or ‘Brit’ as it is known in the industry, features the female warrior holding a trident and a shield which displays the British flag, the design is now the most iconic bullion coin from the UK aside from the Gold Sovereign

The character originated from the Roman empire as the word ‘Britannia’ was a name given to Great Britain. Britannia featured on fifty pence circulated coins within the United Kingdom but due to the rise in special year coin designs on circulated fifty pence coins, the Britannia design is now more associated to precious metal bullion Britannia coins

1oz Silver Britannia coins are capital gains tax free, allowing investors to keep 100% of profits achieved on these coins. All 1oz Silver Britannia coins minted since 2013 are .999 fine, making them a minimum of 99.9% fine Silver. This is a minimum standard and does not mean that all Silver Britannia’s are not pure Silver

Prior to this, coins were struck to a .958 finesse, making the coins 95.8% fine Silver. The coins still contain 1oz of silver due to a larger coin mass of 32.45g

Silver Britannia coins typically trade at a low premium given that, since 2013, the Royal Mint has adjusted mintage figures each year to meet demand. Silver is subject to a 20% value added tax charge in the United Kingdom which is automatically included in the prices that are seen on the Auronum website

Silver Britannia coins are struck in 1oz and 1kg whilst proof versions have been produced in sizes between 1/40oz through to 2kg limited mintage coins

Silver Proof Coins

Silver Proof Britannia Coins

The Royal Mint issue Silver proof Britannia coins which are popular with collectors given the changes in design seen. Most proof Silver Britannia coins are one-year type designs and are available in numerous sizes. Some proof sets feature coins that are 1/40oz whilst other limited mint pieces are available that are 2kg in weight, affording the buyer a good exposure to the Silver market whilst owning an attractive coin which can be enjoyed

The Silver Britannia proof coins are generally higher premium than the standard bullion issues, however the smallest blemish or flaw on the coin can severely devalue its premium. Many of the Silver proofs are struck to a relatively small mintage by the Royal Mint, however, this does not guarantee a large premium as the mint continually churns these limited Silver proof Britannia coins which ever increases supply in the market