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Silver Maple Leaf Coins


T he official bullion coin of Canada, the Silver Maple Leaf coin is another massed produced Silver bullion coin that is commonly seen in the UK market. The Silver Maple Leaf coin is a popular choice as it trades at a minimal premium which offers the investor a simple way to provide from a rising Silver price

The Maple leaf is the official symbol of Canada, featuring on its flag, coat of arms and historic coins. The design may lack the beauty of similar bullion coins such as the Silver Britannia yet is held in high regard due to its design's simplicity and the coin's value as a diversifier in a Silver stack

Silver Maple Leaf coins are struck in .9999 fine which makes them 99.99% Silver, the coin weighs 1oz. The Silver Maples have been produced each year since 1988

The coin's design has remained the same each year but the coin was made more secure against potential counterfeiters in 2014 by the addition of an engraved micro design in addition to small radial lines on the coin's fields. These changes to the Silver Maple Leaf coin made it more secure whilst also making the overall coin more attractive too

In 2018 the Royal Canadian Mint announced the introduction of a new technology which is intended to reduce milk spots on the coin's surfaces. The 'Mintshield' surface is now used on all post-2018 Silver Maple coins but does not impact the purity of the coin and is invisible to the eye. The technology is patented and a closely guarded secret by the Royal Canadian Mint

For Silver investors that do not like to see their Silver coins develop the while 'milking' on their coin's surfaces, the Silver Maple Leaf should be the coin of choice. It is low premium, is proven to have a smaller chance of developing milk spots whilst also featuring advanced anticounterfeit design technology