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Gold 1.61%
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Gold 1.61%
£1,903.00 oz
Silver 5.52%
£24.75 oz
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Austrian Silver

Silver Maria Theresa Thaler Coins


Maria Theresa Thaler Silver coins are an interesting prospect for silver bullion investors

Silver Thalers weigh 28.07g and are 83.33% Silver, Thalers were first minted in 1741 with restrikes displaying the date '1780'

T he Silver Thaler was a circulated Silver coin that was used in commerce since it was first minted in 1741. The Thaler was not demonestised until 1858, some 117 years later. The coin features Maria Theresa, ruler of Austria and Hungary. German-speaking nations referred to the coin as the 'Taler', with the Gold Taler famously featuring Great Britain's King William IV

The Silver Maria Theresa Thaler is known as an Austrian coin but it served an important role in the Arabic world. Saudi Arabia was one of the countries that used the Silver Thaler for trade and even refused to use official Ottoman currency in place of the Silver Thaler. It is thought that the coin's popularity was due to its large mass and thickness which made it very durable even after continued circulation

Silver Maria Theresa Thaler CoinsSilver Maria Theresa Thaler coin

Silver Maria Theresa Thaler


Purity .833

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Investors may be forgiven for thinking that the Maria Theresa Silver coin is a rare piece given its age, however the coin is actually relatively common due to the number of restrikes that have been produced by the Austrian Mint. The Thaler is very popular as it has historical significance, its size is impressive in hand and the design offers the silver coin investor something slightly different to collect

There is no official mintage data for the Silver Thaler because the volume of restrikes has not been officially reported, moreover, these coins are still being issued to this day in Austria, much like the modern-day Gold Sovereign being minted by the Royal Mint

Auronum offers live prices to sell Silver Maria Theresa Thaler coins which are always above the Silver spot price. Live rates are indicated on screen and can be locked by contacting the Auronum Trade Desk on 0800 975 1012

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