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Royal Mint Silver

Silver Royal Arms Coins


A beautifully designed billion coin from the Royal Mint, the Silver Royal Arms coin is a design that was first released in 2018 and has been produced each year since. The design on the coin remains constant each year, with only the date changing. 2023 marked the year in which King Charles replaced the late Queen Elizabeth II

The Royal Arms Silver 1oz bullion coin has the advantage of being capital gains tax free in the UK due to these coin's status as legal tender. The coin is also limited in mintage, with only 100,000 being struck in 2023. This is at odds with Silver Britannia coins which are minted to meet demand

The Silver Royal Arms coin's design is another fantastic modern interpretation of the United Kingdom's Royal Arms, with the Lion and Unicorn emblems of England and Scotland respectfully. The centre shield pays tribute with a harp for Ireland and the red dragon for Wales. Below the shield is the same nation plants that were displayed on the Gold Pound coins

These iconic plants are a true emblem of the United Kingdom, displaying a Welsh leek, Scottish thistle, Irish Shamrock and English Tudor rose. Whilst these beautifully designed Royal Arms coins lack the rich history of other Silver bullion coins such as the US Silver Eagle, their popularity and limited mintages ensures that they sell at a premium on their bullion value which is likely to be maintained in the secondary market

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