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T he Silver US Eagle coin is one of the most popular Silver bullion coins and usually trades at a premium over its peers. The coin was first struck in 1986 in the US and throughout that time the Silver US Eagle has had its weight and purity guaranteed by the US government

The coin is only available in 1oz which holds exactly one ounce of 99.9% Silver. The coin is known at the Eagle but in recent times the coin is most recognisable from its 'walking liberty' iconic design, displaying the US's flag displayed just behind the Liberty figure


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2021 was a significant year for the Silver US Eagle as for the first time the Eagle design was changed to a modernised version which displays a mighty eagle depiction with wing spread. The original design contained a heraldic eagle with a shield and thirteen five-stars. The 1970s saw the beginning of a drive for the US Government to sell off its national stockpile of Silver. The US Eagle played a big part in this process

Prior to the Silver Eagle's release, the US administration had struggled to reduce the Silver stockpile as domestic mining supply was sufficient to meet demand. Legislation was passed in 1982 for the Silver to be minted into coin and sold as investments with a view of maximising the revenue from the selling of the national stockpile. Production of the Silver Eagle was mandated into law in the summer of 1985 by President Reagan. Part of this legislation is to ensure mintage numbers are sufficient to meet public demand

The crisis of 2008 led to an explosion in demand for precious metals. The US mints responded by pulling production of the proof Silver Eagle coins in order to concentrate on bullion versions which were seeing demand surge. The US Mint began to restrict sales to all but some approved authorised dealers who were given a weekly quota, this practice remained in place until 2010. This rationing was seen again in 2013 after just one week of production due to huge demand for Silver US Eagles

The Silver US Eagle is a coin with a rich history, dating back to 1986 in an effort to sell-off the US's national Silver stockpile. This design has been so popular through the years that the US Mint has frequently sold out and also needed to ration sales due to strong demand

Silver Eagle premiums tend to fluctuate more than some other Silver bullion coins. 2022 saw a rise in premiums because the US Mint faced tough competition in buying its Silver blanks, which are transformed into coins, due to strong buying from other major international mints